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Full Version: changing tablet orientation changes song
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- a song is opened from a setlist
- and the song is the last song or the one before last of the setlist
- and I change the tablet's orientation from portrait to landscape or vice versa
then the display changes not only the orientation but additionally changes the song
I guess you made sure you did not accidentally touch the screen on the side of the tablet to go to the next/prior song on the set list. (I would think it would be hard NOT to change the song if you are grasping the tablet to change its orientation.)
Of course I'm sure. I'm not on stage with the tablet on a stand, just sitting and holding the tablet in my hands. And it definetely doesn't happen with songs at the beginning of a setlist.
Question: I'm assuming you are dealing with chord pro files, and the number of pages is changing as a result of the orientation change, correct?
You're right Mike, it's an issue with ChordPro files. Not the last two files are affected, but all files AFTER certain ChordPro files, even if they (the affected files) are PDFs. As soon as I remove all ChordPro files from the setlist, the issue disappears.
Are there any plans to fix this issue? In MSP 1.1.8 it still exists
Yes, it will be fixed in V1.1.9. I've just been taking on some rather big changes for this update, so it's taking awhile to complete.