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Full Version: overlay position (audio player) changing
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See video attached (delete ending ".txt" after download)
The position of the audio player is moving by changing the tablet rotation.
It seems as if the position of the audio play (I think this well be the same at all overlay features) is defined by absolut screen coordinates. I think it should be relative coordinates.
I would think this would only affect a very few users, most of us would use one orientation or the other. Unless it's a very easy fix, I believe Mike has more pressing things to attend to first.
It's up to Mike to decide about the bug priority, but to my opinion it is a bug.
Yes, it probably could be called a bug - but there are more important bugs Wink .
I'll write up this bug as a low priority issue. I think it will be fairly easy to solve - instead of storing absolute coordinates, I'll just store values as a percentage of the screen width and height.