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Full Version: Moving From ForScore to Mobile Sheets Pro
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I know this was posted before for Mobile Sheets, but I'm looking for a new perspective with Mobile Sheets Pro.
I am a long time user of ForScore on my old iPad 2.0. Need to upgrade but for many reasons but I will not continue with Apple products.
I am moving to Android and have just purchased a Samsung Tab S 10.1. I am looking for any and all suggestions on moving my
500+ PDF sheet music files from ForScore to Mobile Sheets Pro.
I also have a few very specific questions.
1. Can ForScore files with annotations be imported into Mobile Sheets Pro with all the annotations intact?
2. In ForScore page turns and repeats can be synced exactly with an MP3 playing.
    Can this be done in Mobile Sheets Pro?
Thanks in advance for helping me with this project.
AKA dialtech  Smile