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Full Version: virtual keyboard position
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Using MSP on a 21.5" touch screen (Acer Aspire) in landscape mode, 2 page display.
The pages fill the entire height of the tablet (in landscape), sort of actual paper size.

The problem happens when trying to annotate text on the bottom 3rd of a page:
I need to add lyrics (or other textual comments) positioned under the correct notes.
The virtual keyboard pops up, but totally covers a large percentage of the bottom of the page. This prevents me from seeing where the text is being positioned.

Presently, after selecting where the initial text is to begin, I have to type the text (with the keyboard covering the score), then hide the keyboard, then select the text and type, adding/deleting spaces to position the text correctly, or type additional text for more lyrics on the same line... BUT, each time, the virtual keyboard pops up and again covers the area I'm trying to see for annotations making it a totally hit-and-miss situation. This is terribly time consuming and frustrating.

In ForScore, this problem is avoided by having the score move up appropriately so that the area of the page to be notated (the bottom of the page) is above the virtual keyboard while editing. This allows you to continuously see where you're making your annotations.

Can something similar or another solution be implemented in MSP?
This would help tremendously, as currently, it's almost unuseable in those specific circumstances. (Most other things are fantastic, btw.)