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Full Version: backup & restore stop at screen time out
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My screen time-out is set to 2 minutes.
As I am dealing with more than 3000 sheets in MSP database backup and restore takes (much) longer. Backup and restore stop after screen time out. They continue after screen wake up, but to my opinion they should continue to  the end.
In Settings | Other Settings I have both the Screen and CPU set to permanently on. Have you tried these settings?
Having screen/cpu set to ON permanently seems to have no effect whilst on one of the settings screens. Same applies to backup screen.
As I recall (my tablet isn't with me at the moment) a warning pops up when linking the tablet to Companion that says not to turn the screen off, or are you not using Companion?

Since the Settings menu doesn't seem to do much for you, how about changing the timeout period in Android's basic display settings?
(06-18-2015, 02:14 AM)GraemeJ Wrote: [ -> ]In Settings | Other Settings I have both the Screen and CPU set to permanently on.  Have you tried these settings?
Oh, sorry. It seems as if had unintentionally changed this settings.
CPU is set to permanently on,
Screen is set on during song display (I only have the german version)
Now restore is running correct.

Thank you GraemeJ
De nada
The screen lock (which keeps the screen on) for backing up or restoring the library does not depend upon that setting. It should always lock - you just have to make sure not to turn off the screen yourself, as this could cause the OS to send a "Pause" command to my app.
I still have problems with restoring bigger backup files (3,45GB).
It seems, as if CPU settings (CPU alway active) don't work during restore function.
If I don't reactivate the tablet from time to time, restore is interrupted.