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Full Version: ChordPro: Unexpected reformatting, again
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I have a series of songs in a setlist.
I display the setlist and page through some songs. Each page fits the screen.
Looking at "Let it Be" (see the second (right) screenshot). Notice there's a margin at the bottom of the page.
Long press center, press "A" (Text Display Settings). Press Cancel without touching anything.
I find myself a couple of songs further down the playlist (while the title displayed at the top of the screen still shows "Let it Be").
Paging back to "Let it Be", the formatting has changed. The bottom margin is gone. See the first (left) screenshot.
Also, the page is now slightly longer than what can be shown on the screen
As a consequence, annotations on subsequent pages are no longer at the right place.

Mike, I hope you can reproduce this. I can Sad .
I'll make sure this and the other issues you have reported get fixed by the next update. Thanks for reporting them.
I have noticed similar quirks that sometimes obscure parts of songs. I think in "fit to screen", some portions of the chart are obscured.

I am sorry I don't have more specific information right now.