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Full Version: tablet requiring internet connection to use app
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Has anyone ever had that happen? I've had this app for years and last night I couldn't use it untill I  connected to the internet. I removed a couple games my granddaughter had on this tablet and turned it off for the night and today it's acting normal again. Gave me quite a scare.
This is a google store thing.
It looks from time to time if the app is licensed.
So if you start the app several times without internet connected, it will refuse operation because it cannot confirm the license.
I had the same here some time ago and now am careful to start the app with internet connected at least every 3rd..5th time.
Although this has never happened to me, I can see how this could be a real problem for someone in the future.

Perhaps Mike could throw a little more light on just how this authentication system works and what we users must do to ensure we're not locked out at a crucial moment.
My tablet is no phone, and I usually do not have WiFi at gigs. So of this means that it becomes some kind of russian roulette whether I can start MSPro at the next gig, I'm afraid I'll have to quit Sad .
However, I think Mike is smarter than that.
I don't think anyone here thinks Mike isn't smart. However, if this is a Google thing, then he may not have control.

Obviously, as described, there is going to be some worry by users. All I can say is I have never experienced this problem.
With Google, I do an initial check after the purchase to ensure the product is licensed, and then I check back a couple of weeks later to ensure that a refund wasn't issued. I cache all of the license information after that, so Wi-fi is not needed again. Google provides access to their license servers, but I ultimately have control over how to process that information.

With Amazon, the DRM model they provide requires that users periodically log in to the Amazon App Store to refresh the application licenses. So this means that users who purchase off Amazon will have to make sure that they log in to the Amazon App Store every couple weeks or so. I do not have control over this licensing process, as Amazon injects this check into the APK itself. The only option Amazon gives me is no DRM at all, meaning I'm not protected from piracy at all (which is pretty rampant on Android) or to use their DRM. If I knew how to set up my own licensing server, I would consider doing that instead...

(06-24-2015, 02:06 AM)GraemeJ Wrote: [ -> ]I don't think anyone here thinks Mike isn't smart.  However, if this is a Google thing, then he may not have control.

Obviously, as described, there is going to be some worry by users.  All I can say is I have never experienced this problem.

If Mike is using the Google Play licensing validation (and I'm guessing he is), he should be able to set the limits of how long the licensing is valid between successful checks with the Google Play server. It would be nice if he shared this info so we would know how frequently we need to connect to the internet before any gigs.

I haven't had any issue with this on MSPro, but I connect my tablet to the internet daily.

EDITED TO ADD: Of course, Mike answers this while I am composing my message.
I've never had the problem either, but then I bought through the play store.
Maybe this subject would be a good thing to touch on in the user guide, up front.
What about slideme or other purchase sources?
Looks like pros/concerned users should consider purchase through the google play store or possibly slideme. Smile
Interesting. I run a firewall on all my Android devices, and apps do not get access to the internet unless they functionally need it.
I have never given internet access to MSPro but somehow it has still been able to query the google license server? This would be a serious flaw in the Android security.
SO I've been using the App since Dec. 2017 and it suddenly today, Mar.28 2019, without warning it started asking for Amazon App Store verification. Well I hadn't been to the Amazon site with this device for quite a while and just by signing on Mobile Sheet unlocked. Almost a year and a half before the security checkup. Sure hope it's not more frequent than that in the future.

Unfortunately, I don't have any control over how the Amazon DRM works. If you would like to switch to the Google Play or Fastspring store version, send me an email at and we can work on that.

While on the topic... I would plea for a different method of license checking.

At least for me, it is quite common to use the tablet in locations (rehearsals, gigs) where no internet is available. Recently I updated a song on my backup tablet during a rehearsal. MSPro could not verify the license and started its 72 hour grace period.
A couple of days later, during a gig, my tablet malfunctioned and I took my backup tablet --- no go.

The Google way of license checking is flexible, but it is based on devices being online. While this may be a reasonable assumption for phones, it is less true for tablets, in particular for backup tablets Rolleyes .

Not high priority, I just wanted this off my chest.
The Google licensing only performs a couple of checks, and then caches all of the information. So internet is only required during the initial check, and several weeks later to ensure that a refund wasn't issued. I don't think is unreasonable, and I can't think of a better way to handle this that gives me at least a small amount of protection from piracy. 

I'm reviving this old topic because today I was locked out of Mobilesheets during a rehearsal.

I paid for the software more than a year ago - bought from fastspring.

Today, when I switched my tablet on for rehearsal (no internet) I got a message saying something about my license is not valid, and I was not able to use Mobilesheets.

When I got home the tablet automatically connected to wifi and I was able to use Mobilesheets.

Version 3.8.19

This was very alarming. I have a gig coming up soon where there will not be any wifi, so now I'm wondering if the software will fail during a critical moment.

I'd appreciate any ideas about how to avoid being locked out again.
Did you recently install an update? A license check occurs when an update is installed, and if that failed for some reason, it may have caused the subsequent failure at your rehearsal. Otherwise nothing should have caused the license check to occur like that. I will investigate this further though to see if this potentially causes an additional license check at some point after the update is installed.

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