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Full Version: [fixed in 1.2.6] Chordpro: bigger fonts
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Currently the maximum font size is limited to a maximum of 40 for lyrics and chords and 46 for the header. As I use a lot of my ChordPro files just as hints for songs I play almost from memory these files contain only a few chords or some words to remind me how the verse starts or so. For many of these I would have the font sizes bigger as it is possible today.
So could you please increase the limits in MSP by at least 50% to maybe 60 or 80?
Seems to be easy to do and if you leave the current defaults unchanged nobody will be bothered by the change.
Thank you in advance.
I have increased the limit to 60 for the next update. Let me know how it works for you.

Yes Mike, that's fine for me. Thank you very much.
But I found another bug, see separate post, titled "ChordPro ChordSheets"