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Full Version: Outside handle for annotation placement
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Yesterday I tried to place a stamp at the correct position on a sheet, but I always failed, because the stamp has been under my finger. So I could not see exactly, where I was placing the stamp.

Is it possible to create placement handles outside of the annotation element (or stamp,...)?
May be you will need three (red, blue, green) optional handle poisitions as shown in the attached picture to be able to reach any position on the sheets.
I use a stylus so I don't have this problem, but I can acknowledge it as being a pain.
An option would be to position the element as we do now, but when lifting the finger (or styles) keep it 'selectect' and show movement (and possibly, resize) handles that disapper when something else is touched.
Another idea could be to add a resize & movement interface where I can move the selected annotation step by step.
I was thinking about this a few days ago as well. Trying to place some small single character text annotations was difficult, even with a stylus. Something like the resize & movement interface would allow more precise placement.
The nudge tool doesn't work? That's what I've been using, move it close with a finger/stylus then use the tool for final placement since it moves slowly and accurately.
What is the "nudge tool"?
Where do I get it?
Well, DUH! I hadn't seen that before. Does just what I want.

Vibraphon, check the manual and search for 'nudge' (pages 85 & 86).
(07-24-2015, 02:41 AM)Vibraphon Wrote: [ -> ]What is the "nudge tool"?
Where do I get it?

In edit mode, the triangle in a circle on the upper left activates a dropdown that has it. I selected both options.
Super, I haven't found that before.
Thank you all!

(07-24-2015, 03:48 AM)akoster Wrote: [ -> ]...check the manual and search for 'nudge' (pages 85 & 86).
Big Grin Wrong manual language! I had been searching in Android stores.
Using the nudge tool is currently the easiest way to position annotations . I have been wanting to add a preview zoom window that shows what is under your finger while you add a new stamp, but I didn't get it working quite right the first time around and haven't gotten back to it yet. Once I focus on annotations again, I'm going to work on adding that.
Hi Mike,
for me it is good as it is.
It was just that I didn't found the tool where I thought it should be, as shown in my proposals.

The only wish I would have to make the nudge-buttons contact area on the screen a little bigger. May be, my fingers are too big - that's why I'm no piano player. Smile