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Full Version: Export options and non pdf page ordering
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1) export.
In MS Pro the export/import capability has been introduced which is great for echanging scores with fellow MS Pro users.
There are however no options to that function, meaning that:
- MIDI settings will allways be transferred (when present), which may not be compatible with the setup on the receiving end and cause unwanted behaviour there.
- Linked audio files will also be included into the .msf file rendering it way to big for e-mail transfer.

It may be added value if options were available allowing people to choose whether to include these elements in the export or not.

2) Non pdf page ordering.
When using pdf files, page ordering can be specified in the song file properties (for example when repeats occur)
However when using jpg images each file is treated as a single 1-1 page object, and page ordering cannot be specified.
It would be nice to be able to create reappearances of pages for repeats here as well (without having to duplicate the image files)
I know of the existance of link points but am not so keen on using them

A JPG file is by definition a "one page" file, so page order makes no sense. But: you can easily add a JPG file several times to a song in MSP. This will not duplicate the file itself, it's just an entry in the database.
Hi Itsme

Thanks for your response.
Interesting approach. Had not looked at it this way.

I have since tried it and get a Mobilesheets warning that the file is already in use by 'another' song.
I have the options 'Replace', 'Rename' or 'Use same file'.
I guess I would have to choose Use same file. Have not dared to go any further though.

Mike, is this a supported way to handle this ?
Just choose "Use same file". This is MSPro making sure you don't overwrite something by mistake. You have selected a file with the same name as one already in the database, so it is giving you the option of

Replace - Copy the new file on top of the one already there
Rename - Use the new file but give it a new name. So both files are in the database
Use same file - Use the one already in the database and ignore the new one.

I think this still happens even if the 'new' file is the one that is already in the database.

MSPro keeps track of how many times a file is used and it won't delete the file from the database until all references to it have gone. So this is fully supported.


Hi Andy.

I have given it a go, and it works. Even survives a backup/restore.

Thanks for your input!