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Full Version: Keywords
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It would be good to be able to see a list of the keywords, a bit like the other fields. I suspect I should have created a general custom field instead of using keywords as a general field.
I agree. This would be helpful to me too.
Keywords are currently just a text field, like custom and custom2. The values are not indexed or placed into any lists. If you were looking for something beyond just a searchable text field, I'm not sure the keywords is the right field to use. If people want a new tab on the library screen that goes through every song and tries to group songs based upon their matching keywords, I can certainly look into doing that in the future.

Custom Group / Custom Category might be what you are looking for.
@Mike: without further functional enhancements it would be helpful being able to rename Custom and Custom2
Mike, I hear what you're saying and I fully understand about it being a text field.

But then I question the value of even having a keyword field at all. Since it's a free text field, any spelling, even incorrect ones, are accepted. If you spell something wrong, you may never find it again unless you happen upon it in Edit Song. Since it doesn't show up on any list, you may never find that incorrect field again. You can search all you want on the term "Robert Burns" but if you accidentally spelled it "Robert Bursn" you're outta luck! Also, you may not remember what keywords are in there without looking at individual songs.

I guess you're right. Just put it in the custom fields instead. It removes any difficulties