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Full Version: Link point trouble
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When the tablet is in landscape mode, with the music taking up most or all of the width, the link points don't seem to work properly. In portrait mode there seems to be no problem and they always take me back to the correct place. In landscape mode they are often a page turn out.
My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy 12.2 pro in case that might be relevant.
I have a fix coming for this in the next update. I'll double check to make sure everything works in landscape mode with the page scaling set to fit width.

Thanks, that's great.
Another Bug I think with regard to Link Points:

After some tweaking and working with the PED the past few months I discovered a bug I think.

I use the the del capo/repeat link points quite a lot and most pieces have more then one of these, but when I set the left pedal to "activate link point or turn page" It only activates the first Link Point, and does not advance to the next.. This used to work fine in a previous version of mobile sheets (sorry, do not know which one, I discovered this today during the first rehearsal after the summer hollidays).