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Full Version: Manual smooth scroll from Mobilesheets is gone
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Thanks a lot for your help, and I appreciate all of the considerations you need to take when making changes.
It seems that your suggestion for using fixed duration scroll is the best solution:

Pause duration 0
scroll speed fixed duration 3 seconds

Time before scrolling starts 0
Applied to all songs in setlist
Set as default
(then ok)

I did "set as default" and forgot to apply to all songs in setlist.

I use the right pedal to start automatic scrolling and use left pedal to scroll to top of page.

So far this is a good solution AND it solves one problem from the old program. Previously, moving backwards sometimes jumped back a page and rarely was that necessary. So stopping at the top of the page is very logical. (I move backwards to check a key signature or instrument change and all of that is always on the same page.)

So let me say, that this solution is even better than the old program. I will add a post about some small finer points of the wording of the menu, which confused me earlier, but that is small compared to this.
Thanks again!
I've modified the pedal scrolling to scale the speed based upon how much of the page is being scrolled (when using pedal actions that scroll a fixed amount). I also changed the behavior so that if the pedal is pressed a second time (or another pedal is pressed that also has a scroll behavior) the current scrolling is stopped.

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