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Full Version: Allow panning to move the sheet up beyond the (bottom) screen border
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Currently when using panning, in the annotations editor, one cannot move the sheet so that it's border moves into the visible area of the screen. This is a bit awkward when adding anotations at the bottom of the screen.

Example : when I need to add an anotation to the bottom part of a sheet.
- First I zoom in on the sheet.
- Then use panning to move it upwards. But currently the move stops when the sheet border aligns with the bottom of the display.
- Then when I  add an annotation, the virtual keyboard pops up at the bottom of the screen, hiding the bottom part of the sheet where I am working on. So I cannot see what I am doing.

It would be nice to have the panning allow us to move the bottom border of the sheet up to halfway the display or so, so that the virtual keyboard does not block the sheet from sight.

Thanks for considering this.
Sorry it's taken me so long to address this issue - I've come up with a solution that allows the score to be scrolled up about 40% from the bottom of the screen. This leaves enough room for the keyboard but doesn't feel awkward (50% was a little too much). I'm hoping that this behavior is desirable to most people.
Wow great!

Thanks mike!

In 1.4.2.
It seems that scrolling up to around 40% in the annotations editor does not work in landscape mode . . . . At least, not until after having used it in portrait mode. Then it starts to work in landscape mode too.

Pages that do not fill the entire screen vertically, sometimes do not scroll to the 40% either.

I've got fixes in place for this now - thanks for letting me know.