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Full Version: incorrect page shown in PDF
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I ran into a disconcerting problem at a rehearsal last night.

Specifically, in a 4-page PDF, page 1 was shown correctly, but any attempt to turn the page just kept showing the same page again; in other words, pages 2-4 were just repeats of page 1.

What makes this particularly odd is:

    - This is a song I've been playing all summer, up to and including three days ago, with no problems whatsoever.

    - After power cycling the tablet, the same song displayed correctly again.

I have no idea what happened, and as a one-off in a rehearsal it was just a nuisance -- but now I don't know whether the same thing might happen again during a performance.
That's a very strange problem indeed. The next update uses a completely different library for handling PDFs, and I've optimized some of the code related to PDF access, so I don't think this issue should show up going forward. I'll definitely be asking for people to look out for any issues like this after the update though just to verify it's no longer a potential issue.