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Full Version: title formatting
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I'm trying to have a good formatting but I can't do it, I've read the manual about this and I'm sure to make some syntax errors because I'm noto able to achieve my goal that is to avoid the - character if a field is empty and to have the words " NO %FIELD NAME%" in case of missing (I mean if I don't put the tonality of a song I'd like to have "NO TONALITY"). could I have an example from which I fan further improve my will ? Thank you very much. I attach my actual expression string.
You will need to make use of the advanced syntax in order to do this, so it will look something like this:


and so on for the rest of the fields you want. Notice how I'm only printing the dash character before each field if it exists. This should meet your requirements.

I'm trying without success, if I use the first part of the expression (ARTISTS) in my song list I can't see the ARTISTS (and I have every song compiled with the artist.
I put the screenshot.
I just want to verify: you are using the artists field and not the composers field right? That formatting seems correct, and it works for me. While spacing shouldn't matter, can you verify that there isn't any extra space at the beginning of the format string?
Yes, I'm using the artists field and not the composers filed, no extra space at the beginning of the format string.

It seems when I put the VALUE syntax it doesn't work...
I just went back through my source control system, and it appears that I didn't even add the advanced syntax in 1.1.8. I really apologize - I could have sworn it was already in place... I'm trying to wrap up the update for 1.1.9 - I've now finished one of the biggest parts (writing out annotations to all of the various supported file types) so now I'm just going to go back through bug reports and other things I've promised to fix for this new update and make sure everything has been completed.

Perfect, it was pretty clear to me that something was wrong but I wasn't sure about my eventual mistake.

Glad to hear that this will be fixed.