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Full Version: Backup Crashes after update
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Just updated to 1.2.2 and my backup from Companion crashes now at about 34% complete.  I can replicate the problem each time I try it.  "a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close....etc"
I'm on Windows 10
I'll look into it - thanks for letting me know.

I have the same problem since 21st octobre - crashing at 12%
(win 8.1 with current version 2.1.8)
Go here
The next to last entry has Mike's link to the companion installer.  That one worked for me!
I've found a workaround.
  • I've deleted the song (at 12%). Not the last song displayed in companion ("backed up song ...") but the last song displayed at the tablet ("transfered song ...")
  • I've also deleted the songs at 38%, 47% and 77% because backups failed (The songs have been successfully backed up since months).
  • Then the backup succeeded.
  • After that I imported the deleted songs again.
  • The next
backup succeeded also.

I wonder why these songs made backups impossible. They where untouched since months.
I think this is not a perfect workaround, because when I try to "View/Extract Backup" I get an error: "Error opening backup file. Unable to view song data"
Are you still encountering those errors using the link Harper provided?