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Full Version: Small Annotation Bug: Tab Does Not Show On Page
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When I use the text annotation box, I often have to make the proper amount of space between text (for example, chords) so they are the correct place in the chart.

If I use the space bar, this works in creating space between text (for example, between chords).

But, if I try to do the same thing using the "tab" key, although it shows in the text box, it does not effect the text on the page.

Hi Jeff,

I just tried this and the tab seems to be showing both in the text window and on the score itself. It looks pretty small though... tabs are usually about the width of four spaces, but the tab I'm seeing is about the width of two spaces. I'm not sure why that is - could just be the font. When it comes to rendering the text, I just call a method Google provides called "drawText" and I do this per line of text. I don't do any sort of special processing that would affect the way a tab is shown. If people would like tabs to be handled differently (i.e. I could replace a tab with four spaces automatically if desired) I could always do something like that.

Hmm, for some reason it does not seem to work right on my tablet.

The tab moves the cursor and text within the text box, but it does not affect the text in the song (unlike using the space bar).

Does the tab command (for text annotations) work right for everyone else?

I guess I'll give this one bump (I hope that is okay) to see if anyone else has this issue.

If not, I'll just use the space bar. . . .