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Full Version: Support chordpro (*.pro) files
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It'd be great if you supported the popular ChordPro file format as well as pdf and image files.
My two cents:

ChordPro format looks interesting, and I can see that it has a target audience, but that audience isn't really me. I sing in a choir, and the ability to handle image-type files (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.) fits my needs well. Mike Z. has talked about features that he plans to add to the application, including improved zoom and cropping functions. I know that he has a full time job, and thus has limited time available to implement additions (and bug fixes Wink to MobileSheets.

I notice that there are several apps out there that implement ChordPro (GuitarTapp Pro, SongBook) so people who need this sort of app already have choices available. To the best of my knowledge, there are NO Android apps out there that do what MobileSheets does best.

Again, just my two cents. I'm already a paying customer of MobileSheets, and I can't say enough great things about it.
Thanks for the feedback. I do plan on supporting both text files and chordpro files within the next couple months. Once I change the way pages are displayed (so that I can add continuous vertical scrolling), I will be working on adding a renderer for text files. Chordpro is just a variant of a text file with additional processing that I will have to do. This will open up the door for the ability to do things like transpose, so I think supporting this adds a lot of functionality to MobileSheets for a number of users.

As Snard said, I do have a full time day job (and some overtime is coming my way, ugh), but I'm working on MobileSheets every chance I get. I'll do the best I can to get the features out as soon as possible. The changes that are coming with v4.1.0 are so big that I will have to have a several week beta though, so it may be another month at least before the official version is released. My goal is for that version to also have text file and chordpro support if possible.
As mentioned, there are other apps out there that do read chordpro files - but as a new tablet user I'd rather have one app do image, text, and chordpro formats than have to buy another, also chorpro format make transposing a snap. My music is in a hodgepodge of formats using tabs, lyrics only, lead sheets, chordpro, and sheet music; so personally I'm looking forward to this support.