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Full Version: An even better metronome?
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would it be possible to implement a precise bpm dialog ala 7metronome
(see Metronome.jpg) if you press the bpm number?

Sure, I can support numeric entry of the bpm. That should be pretty easy to add support for.
Not exactly on topic here but related: What about providing two fields for tempo? One for BPM (also for the metronome) and another one for text tempos like "moderato", "slow" or whatever.
I can also change it so that tapping the textual description of the tempo provides the list of tempos to pick from.
I'm not quite following. How do you mean?

I was thinking of one field for textual description of tempo, for what is displayed in the PDF and another one with the actual bpm one chooses for the song and metronome.
Oh, if you need that, I would advise using either the custom group for it, or using another field like signature that you don't have a use for. I'm planning on adding more custom groups when time allows, so that would let users have the flexibility to define whatever they need.

(02-14-2016, 04:20 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ] I'm planning on adding more custom groups when time allows, so that would let users have the flexibility to define whatever they need.

Yes, please. As of now I already could use at least 3 more custom groups for metadata.
Would it work to modify some of the current custom group fields, retaining their current titles [set them up to be replaceable]?
Maybe rating, duration, difficulty, and years. Maybe signature [small dropdown] and some of the others w/o dropdowns could also be used this way. Custom/custom 2 could also be considered since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of difference between them and custom group. Although I don't use it presently, there is a keywords [don't change] field which appears to be similar in intent to custom/custom 2. I suppose integration into the caption formatting function would prevent this though.
Making the labels for all those fields dynamic is possible, but it could get confusing for things like song title formatting and other features where a specific keyword is required for the group name. It would be up to users to remember which fields they've renamed, but I could add a few things to the dialog used for renaming so it lists what the original name for each field was. Renaming all the fields also requires more work on all of the different screens to perform the replacements upon loading versus being able to rely on a static layout that is loaded from a file. The biggest pain is replacing values in dropdown lists, as there are a few places in the app where I list all of the fields. I was planning on adding up to four custom groups total - if people regularly need more than this, and want to change the labels for existing fields, I can certainly consider it. I think most of the work is going to be on the dialog I use to provide access to renaming the fields (a dialog is going to replace the current single setting on the settings screen).

As for custom/custom2, those really aren't designed like the other custom fields. They are just saved as text values and don't have all of the extra database tables required to manage lists of songs. Unless you were just suggesting making their name replaceable, which I suppose I could do, but I think that could be confusing in several areas of the app. I also am not sure that renaming things like rating, duration and difficulty would hold much value due to the fixed way in which input is entered for those fields.
Thanks for explaining. It looks like it would be more trouble than it's worth. The extra groups you plan sound good to me.