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Full Version: Customize the import fields screen
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Hi, when I import a new song I see a predefined set of fields like: Artist, Composer, etc.

Is it possible to customize that fields list ? e.g I'd like to remove the Artist field as I don't use it.

Thanks, Roberto.
Tap "Configure Fields" at the top of the song editor, and then uncheck "Artists" from the list if you don't want to see that field. Uncheck any others you also don't need. It's not possible to choose the ordering at this time or to rename fields.

Hi Mike, the "Configure Fields" in the song editor allows me to don't display specific fields IN the song editor, what I'm asking for is to customize the fields when IMPORTING the song into MSP.

The window attached in this post, e.g. I would like to don't show the Composer field right now.

Thanks, Roberto.
The import dialog uses the same settings as the song editor. If you hide the field in the song editor, it will also be hidden on the import dialog. It's not currently possible to configure the import dialog independently. If this is something people want, I can certainly add that, but I would think if you don't want to see a field, you don't want to see it anywhere...
Good idea. That's perfectly logical to reuse this setting.
Hi Mike, I think something is wrong because I see two different configuration in song editor and in import window, I attach the screenshot.

As you can see the available fields are different in the two windows, changing the fields in song editor doesn't reflect in the import window.

Maybe I'm doing wrong... Huh

Regards, Roberto.
You are absolutely correct - there is a problem. I apologize for not seeing it sooner. I'll have it fixed for the next minor release (v1.2.7) which I'll be releasing either tonight or tomorrow.