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Full Version: Open last page viewed in a song doesn't work in Setlist
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Hi, I usually create specific setlist with different purposes (technique, studies, repertoire, etc.), I've discovered that the songs into a setlist doesn't open on the last viewed page (in Settings I've the flagged to open the last viewed page for the song) but always on the first page on the song, instead opening the song from the list of songs it works.

Maybe this is the default but how could I do to have some songs in a "container" and whenever I open one of them the song opens on the last viewed page ?

Regards, Roberto.
It's working correctly for me on all 3 devices.

In your library settings, do you have "Always Load Whole Setlist" checked or unchecked? I think that setting has an important impact on the way "Always Load Last Viewed Page" works.

I have that setting checked, in Italian language it's translated into "Carica sempre tutta la lista", I've unchecked it and now when I (re)open the song from the setlist it opens on the last page viewed.

Very good, thank you very much.

Bye, Roberto.