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Full Version: Crop entire book with defined margins
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I've got an eBook for church - its over 1300 pages and has links in the headers and footers of every page for indexes and such. The Auto Crop feature doesn't help me because these menus are a gray box all the way at the edge of the page and are all the way across the full width. 

When i build my setlists, I select the songs I want out of the book and trim them to new files so I don't need the index headers.  I'd like to crop the entire book down to eliminate these by defining a fixed margin for the whole document, ideally this would be a feature with 4input dimensions (left, right, top, bottom), and also possibly a toggle box for odd/even page behavior (though I don't need it in this case, I could see it being useful)
One way I could easily support this is to add a new option to the existing cropping screen (let me know if you don't know how to access this on the tablet). Right now, if you select the "Apply To" option, it only provides options to apply cropping to the current song. If I add another option to apply it to every song in the current setlist or entire library, you could utilize this to crop every song at once. You would of course need to already have created all of the songs.

The other option would be to add a way to set a default cropping for all documents to be imported. The easiest way to support this would be to add another option at the top of the cropping screen that says "Set as Default". This would use the current cropping for all imported files. I would need another option to clear the default so that automatic cropping works again (it wouldn't make sense to try and support both at the same time). I could either provide those as separate actions or put them on a joined dialog.

I'm open to other ideas on how this could be implemented as well.

Thanks for the quick response - I definitely didn't see the "apply to " menu before. That was an easy way to fix the master file to clear out the headers and footers.

Now that I have that fixed, I will amend my request to ask for an autocrop option that comes after the manual Crop I just did, that is, using the manual crop boundaries, allow the autocrop to crop out any remaining blank space due to variance in length of used space from page to page.

The other part of this (and maybe there is already a built in feature) would be to apply these new droppings I made on the master book to all of the trimmed files that I've made from it (but not files from other sources). I've got about 200 trimmings made from this master eBook and I hope to clean them all up quickly since they were all made before yOu helped with this "apply all" crop setting.