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Full Version: Night mode and background image color
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Most of the time I'm using MobileSheets in "normal"  day mode,  with the background image set to white. Sometimes I switch to night mode and I've noticed that the background doesn't change,  especially when a music sheet is smaller than the screen it's suddenly very bright. Would it be an idea to have more options in settings, like: day mode- white/black background and night mode: white/black background?
Have you tried settings>library settings>use dark theme?
Check settings>display settings>background image color also.
I'm aware of these settings. My settings are so that when I tap on the top-center of the screen it switches day/night mode. I would prefer that when I tap on the screen to switch to night mode, the back ground color would also change to black, the same as the music sheet I'm viewing. And when I tap again on top-center it will switch to day mode and the background color would change to white, like the music sheet.
Night mode is not currently inverting the background color like it should. I will fix it.