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Full Version: Chromecast
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Recently we were singing along with friends, everyone trying to read my tablet. Since there was a huge tv in the corner the thought "Chromecast" occurred to me.
Nonsense? Or not...?
Maybe, maybe not.

I tried using the HDMI output from a small tablet (7" screen) direct to a 19" TV and was very disappointed with the quality of the display. Whether this was a problem with the tablet or the TV (the TV was unlikely, as it was brand new) I never determined. YMMV of course.
I did buy a chromecast awhile back to start developing this capability. I just haven't got around to adding support yet.
Most of the "smart" TVs have the ability of the screen mirroring. NO Chromcast needed!
It's just extra gadget you do not need if you have a smart TV.

Now just pivot your 40-110 inch TV to the portrait mode and you are ready to go:
Fortunately, I have a non-smart TV Smile