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Full Version: Jazz Chords in annotations
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Yes I just created those rules and the file.
I sometimes work with Ireal and BiaB. They use textboxes for chord input too and I think they might use similar rules.

To my opinion it would be enough to have chord annotations working according to that rules in mobilesheets.
If I need deaper specialized chords, I could add the information by "writing" unsing the lines mode later.
There are many ways of doing this, but a widely accepted standard is defined in "Standardized Chord Symbol Notation" by Carl Brandt and Clinton Roemer, usually designated as "Brandt-Roemer". The book is out of print, but scans can be found on the internets (e.g.
Except for the MI/MA thing it's a good standard and I'm gradually migrating many of my chord-typesetting programs to this standard.
Something new regarding to Jazz Chords?
Unfortunally I haven't jet found a fineline stylus working on my tablet to be able do "paint" my chords.
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