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Full Version: [fixed in 1.3.1] Hyperlinks in PDFs & Musescore Songbook
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There were several threads about native Musescore rendering which turned out to be an immense effort and probably won't come in the near future. Anyway it would be nice to maintain the musical collection in MSP with all its collection, setlist, meta tag features and so on and on the other hand having the original MSCZ files quickly available in case transposing is required. Musecore Songbook for Android works pretty well and transposes conveniently.
In the release notes for MSP 1.2.4 I found "Fixed issue with PDF hyperlinks not working" - so hyperlinks should be working now, right?
So I had the idea to make a PDF export from an MSCZ file in my favorite key to be used within MSP and include a link into the PDF that refers to the corresponding MSCZ. I tried that and found it could work.

If someone wants to try it:
- download the attached .ZIP
- unpack both contained files to the same folder
- click on the hyperlink "MSCZ öffnen" in the upper left corner of the PDF that refers to the MSCZ file in the same folder.
If Musescore / Musescore Songbook is installed it should open the MSCZ file.
This works on the PC with many (but not all) PDF readers. On Android it works at least with "ezPDF Reader", other PDF readers that I tried did not work, but the idea, in general is realistic. It does also NOT work with MSP.
@Mike: should MSP handle hyperlinks in PDFs as I expected? Could it be fixed / implemented?
I think it could be an acceptable method to access native MSCZ Musescore files from MSP, useful for many users
I'll have to take a look at what's happening when the hyperlink is tapped. In theory it should work, but I may be missing logic to handle loading an external application for file types that MS Pro doesn't handle. I know that you can link to other files in the library, and I believe I tested that, but not loading other file types to be handled in other applications.

I have a fix in place for this now. Launching files associated with other applications should work with v1.3.1.

I think that will be a nice improvement.

Links to PDFs should still be opened in MS, of course, like it already does. I'm not sure why it asks which Song to open if there's only one song or link, though.
It would be a major improvement if ME could open the targeted page in the linked PDF. You may be aware that there are some nice indexes for paginated fake books for which this would be useful.
The reason I still ask if there is only one song is that I didn't want to automatically jump to a different song or file in case it was an accidental tap on a link. I don't use a different prompt just to keep the code more simple/clean. If people want me to just automatically execute the link when there is only one song, I can remove the prompt in that case.

MS can open a targeted page in the linked PDF. You just need to make sure that PDF exists in the library and the right kind of link is used.

The MSP part works great now, the hyperlink in the example that I attached to my first post opens the MSCZ file in MuseScore Songbook as it should be. Thank you Mike.
There's a little issue on the MuseScore Songbook side: every time that an MSCZ file is added "from outside" (be it MSP or any file browser) it gets an additional entry in the current songs list of MuseScore Songbook. I have already addressed that issue in the MuseScore forum.

And I'm looking for a convenient way to add those links, the best would be to do it automatically during export of the PDF from MuseScore.

I'll post my results in the MSP forum as soon I have any news, just in case