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Full Version: Sync multiple tablets
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Sorry if this has been covered in another thread already, but I couldn't find anything.
Is there a quick and easy way to sync your library and setlists across multiple devices? I know you can do a backup and restore with the companion program, but is there a way to just scan for any missing or modified files and copy them without doing a full backup and restore? The reason I ask is because
I'm considering making the move for a group of us to use tablets at church and it would be great if I could get about 6 tablets loaded up quickly and identically on a regular basis, using my tablet as the master library and setlist creator.
Also, along the same lines, can you exclude collections from a backup or sync, for example if I had some non-church music on my tablet and didn't want to copy it to the church set.
I was able to do one song from one tablet to another with 'Bluetooth file transfer, and, I think, with 'Send anywhere' several months ago. I don't know if it can be done with files or multiple tablets.
I would also be interested in syncing songs and setlists between multiple devices (directly or via mail or other transfer).
I guess in my mind, what makes the most sense would be to have a master synclist (combination of songlist and setlist) on the computer companion - you'd hit a SYNC button and it would scan the tablet that you are connected to to find any missing or modified files. It wold give you the option of replacing or renaming any matches, and it would leave the rest of your library alone on your tablet (for songs that aren't in the synclist).

Maybe this is already a real built-in functionality. But I haven't found it yet. If not, I guess this needs to go on a "new idea" thread.