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Full Version: Metadata Arranger
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I'm not out of ideas yet Big Grin

I'd like to suggest one additional standard metadata field for "arranger".

I think this would be useful for those MS Users who play in a bigband (I do) or concert band, since there the arrangement usually is more important than the composer or artist. 

I know I could use the custom field and probably there are more metadata fields "competing" and intentionally left out, but I think this one warrants an official field.
There's no limit to the number of metadata items to add Smile.

Currently, I add the name of the arranger to the composer(s). This is sufficient for my purposes. YMMV.
There's a huge number of metadata fields and probably everyone uses just "his" subset of them. Maybe reusing another, otherwise unused field, might help. The best overview of available fields is in the "Configure Fields" window.
A more general solution would be to add some more custom fields and allow renaming of the custom fields. Currently we have "Custom", "Custom 2" and "Custom Group". Only "Custom Group" can be given a user specific name. A second Custom Group might make sense.
I'm tracking an enhancement for more custom categories here I'll get around to it at some point.
I think the important part is that such a custom group will (may) be recognized upon import. E.g., when I add/change a "FooBar" category, ChordPro import should recognize {foobar: XXX} and store XXX into the FooBar group.

From the perspecitve of the ChordPro standard I must advice to prefix such a directive with "x_" so that it will never clash with an 'official' directive.
I defer to your judgment Johan on whether you think it's important for me to add those custom directives or not. If a lot of users are going to benefit from being able to set all those fields in the chord pro files, then I don't have problems adding it, but if it's going to be rarely used, then it just adds more complexity for little gain.

For the upcoming 5.0 version of the ChordPro standard I intend to add the following directives:
  • artist
  • composer
  • key
  • time
  • tempo

I see no problem to add 'arranger' as well.
Quote:To facilitate using custom extensions for application specific purposes, any directive with a name starting with x_ should be completely ignored by applications that do not handle this directive. In particular, no warning should be generated when an unsupported x_directive is encountered.

It is advised to follow the x_ prefix by a tag that identifies the application (namespace). For example, a directive to control a specific pedal setting for the MobilsSheetsPro program could be named x_mspro_pedal_setting.