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Full Version: Metronome: Beat Subdivision Half Notes
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For practising Swing tunes it is often recommended to have the metronome on beats 2 and 4, see e.g. here:
To do that with correct BPM settings in "Tempos" it would need
Beat Subdivision: Half Notes
in the metronome settings.
Could you please add this option? Thank you.
btw: why is "Tempos" in plural? how could I make use of more than one tempo in MSP?
I've been meaning to add that to the metronome for awhile. I added a similar enhancement request here awhile back:

As far as the "Tempos" field, you can add multiple tempos to the metronome. Just tap the add button at the top left corner of the metronome to add another. You can then switch between tempos using either the dropdown, a pedal or touch action.

Thank you in advance for adding the half notes option. And for explaining how multiple tempos can be used with the metronome. One more clever detail that works the way musicians need it. Great.
Happy holidays.