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Full Version: Editing title field for copy of song
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When I copy a song (for instance to create a new single sheet from a completely imported fakebook) the first thing I edit is the title, mostly I have to delete the old entry completely first.

I think it would be more efficient if the entry in the title is already selected so you can edit in that field and also directly type in to overwrite without extra deleting. It's just a small improvement for a minor inconvenience but I'd appreciate it neithertheless.

Maybe there are other fields/editing tasks as well which could improved this way.
The "go to page" field would be another field benefiting of this.
Clicking on the x button at the right side of the title field empties it completely. Other users might want to add somethingbto the original title. It's pretty good that the song editor is already open, ready to edit.
Maybe it's a matter of preference. But of course you should be able to append or edit even if it's "selected". Like it is in most data fields in Windows applications.

I don't see a need to edit and append in the "go to page" field though. If I don't want to use the slider I rather want to be able to type the destination page right away and not have to delete the current page.
I agree, editing the numbers in the text field is more convenient than using the slider.
Such an 'x' button that deletes the whole content would make sense also for the field "Page Order:"