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Full Version: Problems Companion 2.2.3
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Offline-Mode (No Sync-Connection)
  1. [Extract Audio]-button has fixed screen position (regard Bild1).
  2. [Extract Audio] doesn't work. Causes Error "Error creating audio file"
  3. [Extract] and [Extract All] extracts sheets without annotations!

Sync-Mode (Connected to tablet)
  1. Missing [Extract] and [Extract with Annotations]
    Extracting to PDF on the tablet using the share-function takes too much time!
  2. Missing Annotations-information in database
    What sheet has annotation, what kind of annotation?
  3. It seems as if Sort by "Audio Files" doesn't work as expected (regard Bild2)
I have not added full annotations support to the companion yet, but most of the code is in place. I figured the Windows 10 version was more important than tackling that issue at the moment. As far as extracting PDFs with annotations intact, I can't support that in the companion app as the PDF library that I purchased for Android is not supported on all versions of Windows. I'll probably need to see if I can find an open source PDF solution on Windows that will work for that, but I'm sure it will be a considerable amount of work and I think there are higher priority issues at the moment.

I'll fix the other issues - thanks for reporting them.

I'm using Windows 10 (and have been for about 3 months). The previous version of the PC Companion Pro worked fine. However, today it said there was an update, which took it to 2.2.3, and that version is crashing over and over. Every time I try to do something, like delete a song from a setlist, add a song, edit a song, it seems to crash.
(01-08-2016, 03:25 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]I figured the Windows 10 version was more important than tackling that issue at the moment. 

I'm not sure I agree with that.  

MS started out as an Android application and most users here are using Android-based tablets.  I even purchased a tablet (in fact, two tablets) for the sole purpose of running this software and I wouldn't mind betting there are other users who did the same.

If someone is really desperate to run MS on a Windows machine, there are several Android emulators out there.  My own view is that, until touch screen Windows machines become the norm (and we're a long way from being there) there is no advantage in running MS under Windows.

I understand why you would want to expand the user base but to delay development of the Android version in favour of a Windows version seems to me to be letting down your existing (and loyal) users.
We are talking about the companion application, not the Android application. This is the first time in a long time that anyone has even mentioned annotations in the companion application, so I didn't think it was that critical to people. I do get emails almost daily about people wanting status on the Windows 10 version, many who are already loyal Android customers who also want Windows. Based on that, I think I'd be letting a lot more people down if I didn't continue the Windows 10 development to focus on a feature that most people don't seem to need or care about.

Mike, you are, of course, at liberty to pursue whichever route you think best. I just thought I'd put my twopence worth in Wink .