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Full Version: Combine CSV/PDF-bookmarks & Convert PDF to Images
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The CSV-bookmark-import is a great idea!
But using huge PDF-files it takes some longer time to display the songs, because MsP has to read the whole PDF-file.
Therefore I prefer single PNG-Files created from the PDF, arranged to own folders.

The possibility to create picture files from PDF in MsP is great too.
#Einstellungen #Weitere Einstellungen #Wandle PDF in Bilder um

But this only creates picture files without metadata and the songs names are copies of the original PDF-name added by a number.

Big Grin I would like to have a PDF to picture import converting option, using CSV/PDF-bookmarks for metadata. Angel
I did not notice any performance problems when using complete fakebooks
@itsme: Neither do I. But in case of the recently posted Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book, its songs load extremely slow (a typical song may take about 20 seconds!). It doesn't matter whether I select the pages from the big PDF, or split the big PDF into smaller PDF files first.

Which brings me to my question: Using the CSV I converted the PDF into images (which was a hard job since the images in the PDF were not trivial JPGs. Most standard tools just failed). So now I have a folder with:

Ace_In_The_Hole-0.png <-- page 1 of song "Ace In The Hole"
Ace_In_The_Hole-1.png <-- page 2 of song "Ace In The Hole"
Afghanistan.png <-- single page song "Afghanistan"

Is it very unlogical to consider 'intelligent import' for this?
(01-11-2016, 10:09 PM)sciurius Wrote: [ -> ]... But in case of the recently posted Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book, its songs load extremely slow (a typical song may take about 20 seconds!). ...
That is exactly the book I used to test too. On my tablet it took some more than 20 seconds.
I did not test whether it would be faster using single PNG-files, but usually I use single PNG-files and they work much faster.

I too was confused about the file organisation. The whole PDF has been stored in a folder named to the first song name. All my other songs are stored in single folders, named to the song. Currently I don't know, how this should work together. Maybe I should create a special folder for CSV-books? I don't know.

(01-11-2016, 02:00 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]...  I think I'd be letting a lot more people down if I didn't continue the Windows 10 development to focus on a feature that most people don't seem to need or care about. ...
The priority of developing features is up to you. This was just my idea.
I was irritated by the statement that it is the "FirehouseJazzbandFakebook" that loads so slowly as I can use it without problems. So I double-checked my post and this is what I found:
there is a huge number of files. The link in my post pointed to 
thefirehousejazzbandfakebook_text.pdf                          16-Jan-2013 22:53     64.0M
what I am using is a copy of
thefirehousejazzbandfakebook.pdf                               16-Jan-2013 13:04     102.4M
I don't know how creates the files they make available and what exactly is the difference to the _text.pdf. Maybe they run some kind of OCR over the scans which is confused by trying to recognise music scores. In fact something is wrong with thefirehousejazzbandfakebook_text.pdf it even takes a long time to open it on the PC.

Sorry, my fault. Please try again with the link
I can certainly expand the CSV import feature to provide an option to split up the PDF into either image files or smaller PDFs. Before I support splitting up PDFs like this, I need to find a better solution than the rendering library I'm using as it produces files that are far too large, mostly due to not compressing the images on each page. I've found some open source libraries that may be better suited for the job, so I'm going to see if they produce smaller, faster PDFs. If they do, I will also use that solution for the exporting of PDFs with annotations.

The last link produces a good pdf that loads normally. It just contains one-image-per-page png images.
The _text pdf contains up to 4 images per page, JPEG2000 compressed, with masks and other nuisance. It was a heck of a job to extract usable images from this one Sad .
I havent't tried loading the good pdf in MSPro, but if the loading speeds are acceptable there is no need for splitting or conversion to images.