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Full Version: [1.3.2 Unstable MIDI 'load on receive' response
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Hi Mike,

I currently am on MSPro version 1.3.2.

Since a couple of releases of MSPro, I have the problem that after starting up keyboard and tablet (HP slate) , and opening MSPro, the 'load on receive' will only work 2 or 3 times and after that, no more scores are loaded by MSPro (until I reboot everything).
I have been using this 'load on receive' for a year or so (same tablet, cable and keyboard) without any problems until a couple of updates of MSPro ago. Not sure of course that the problem is caused by MSPro, but nothing else has changed as far as I can recall.

Also, I still have an old MSPro 1.2.3 on an other tablet, and when I connect the keyboard with the same Midi cable to that tablet, the 'load on receive' works every time. Same as it used to do on the HP Slate tablet.

Thanks for having a look at this.

kind regards


There have been some minor changes to the USB library, as I merged changes from the open source library. The only significant change was the introduction of a filter xml file which automatically loads MobileSheetsPro when a MIDI USB device is detected (this was required to fix issues with certain Samsung devices). So I'm not sure why you would be encountering problems now, but you are not the only person to report issues.

So I just tested this with my tablet, and encountered no problems with the load on receive feature, regardless of how many times I tried it. Here was my test though:

1) With my first song, I set the load on receive to trigger on a program change command with a value of 4
2) With my second song, I set the load on receive to trigger on a program change command with a value of 5

In both cases, I have "Send on Load" turned off. I can then toggle between viewing the songs without any issues. If I load the first song, then go back to the library screen, then trigger the program change command with a value of 4, nothing happens. This is because the song is already loaded, even though it isn't being actively viewed. If this is the behavior that is causing you problems, I can change it. If you can't load any songs at all, then obviously we have to figure out a way for me to reproduce the problem. If I can copy your exact test setup (provide the commands you use to load multiple songs) then maybe I will have more luck.


No it's not the fact that once a song has been displayed, and then going to the library screen, a midi trigger will not display it again. (I would prefer MSPro to display it again though when retriggered).
I just cannot load any song at a certain point.

I have both 'send on load' AND 'load on receive' configured for most songs I use with MIDI.
I always use 'patch select' command.

I just did some more tests and now I was also able to load several songs. No problem at all.
Strange as I have had the blockage issue on several occasions.
I have no idea what is different now compared to the other times when the issue did occur ????
Cannot be the fact that today, I removed the USB cable to test on the other tablet. Because I did also remove it on several occasions before, just to see if it would make a difference when testing the issue in the past.

I will keep you posted if/when it occurs again.

Thx for you quick response.


Just had the blockage again.
Did not touch the USB cable.
But now, between the loading of the scores I played some music. So I gues my keystrokes were also send as MIDI to the tablet.  Be it on a different channel (I use channel 16 for the 'load on receive' by the way). Maybe that's the difference ???

Also, I did not play music between the loading of scores when I tested on the other tablet. so I will have to do that too.

Will keep you informed how that turns out. Will be something for tomorrow though.

Please keep me posted if you can replicate the behavior reliably. I will have to set up my little midi keyboard to output on a different channel to see if that makes a difference. It's not advanced enough to send individual commands on different channels, so I'm not sure I can use it for that. I might have to grab my full size keyboard for that.