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Full Version: VSD220 Viewsonic 22" android tablet
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ViewSonic VSD220 owners.
Could you assist please?

How compatable is this tablet? Other forum members have posted about this tablet and because I'm still having problems with my 12.2 Samsung Galaxy I'm a bit cautious about making another poor purchase. Does it display Mobilesheets Pro okay? Does Cicadia work okay in bluetooth mode? Most importantly, does the midi link between a Korg PA keyboard and this tablet load the Songbook database? I've noticed that these tablets are sold refurbished for less than $200 and reviews are promising.
Probably the only option is to find one and try it Sad . If they are sold refurbished there could be unpleasant differences in hard/software behaviour...
Members Silmarillion, solomonkay and Musicman362 all have a ViewSonic VSD220, I suggest you ask them.

I'm curious to know what problems you are having with your Samsung 12.2"? Many people here are using these (I have one myself, a P900) and few problems reported.
I use a Korg PA600 and midi link the tablet song display with the songbook data base. After the latest OS upgrade by Samsung the midi link is only loading the Mobilesheets app, not connecting the two to select the keyboard song when selecting tablet song. Mike has searched for a solution, but its not hear yet. The Korg songbook link is discussed in the attachment. As you can imagine, this ability to load song settings is time saving, and allows a set to flow smoothly, with no interruption in tempo etc.
If it was working before the OS upgrade, wouldn't it be cheaper to roll back to the previous OS?

I know that MSP has some midi capability but, as I'm basically a guitar player, I've not take a lot of notice of it.  However, I do use a pitch to midi converter sometimes and I also have a Ztar, so I should maybe look into it some more.
I am getting a tech to rollback the OS to Kitkat. The Samsung forum members caution owners re, rollback, several bricked their units after the recent OS uprade to Lollipop. A numbers of other apps were also troubled by the upgrade, also battery life was seriously affected but hopefully the rollback will return my unit to the earlier state. 
I understand that I will need to 'long press' the notification to upgrade again (Samsung is persistent) to decline future reminders. Keeping the Wifi connection 'Off' is not a viable solution.
A quick question, can I delete the original 'free Mobilesheets' without losing data. The pro version is the only one I use. 
I'll post my result as soon as it is completed.