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Full Version: Dynamic annotations
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While working with ChordPro songs, I realised that we often change the key a bit higher, or a bit lower. Usually this is easily accomplished by adding, removing or shifting the capo. I can register the capo setting in the text display settings[1] but I'd still have to make a (visible) annotation what the current capo is.

This brought me to the idea that it would be nice to be able to put keywords in textual annotations, more or less the same idea as with song titles in the songs list etc.

So I could add an annotation "Current CAPO %CAPO%" and it would display like "Current CAPO 4" etc.

Nonsense? Handy? Overkill? What do you think?

[1] However, I still think that the capo setting should not be part of the text display settings.
I think it's a good idea.

Also might make sense to add it to the "Next Song" banner so you can get a heads up on where the capo goes for the next song.
If you can think of a slew of different things that would be useful to insert in a formatted annotation textbox like that (that are dynamic in nature and may change), then it may be worth the effort. If the only thing you really want is capo, then it may be better to consider other ways for that information to be displayed. It could optionally be put in the next song banner (I could add that to the next up settings dialog), but something different would be required for the current song. One idea is for me to provide a way to format the title that is put in the top bar of the overlay. That formatting would be separate from the library screen formatting so it could contain capo or other fields that are only loaded when required. Another idea would be to either have some kind of information overlay or a window that could be displayed with information about the current song.

I'm open to implementing whatever people think is best.

I would prefer configurable info in the "Next Song" bar. This would be very useful for me as I have the "Next Song" bar always activated during a gig. Or maybe we can have both, using the same interface to configure it but store separate settings for Overlay and "Next Song" bar.