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Full Version: Strich BT-FP2
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Any experiences with the Strich Music BT-FP2?
No experience, but it is a decent price for a BT unit. The only problem for some people might be Thomann's delivery charges, for me it's another €20.
I did not intent to advocate Thomann, it was just a picture that I came across.
The price is, indeed, interesting but I still have my negative experiences with the FireFly... I mean: unboxing and days of struggling, including hardware debugging, without decent results. Then swap it for an AirTurn DUO which never failed.
(02-03-2016, 01:57 AM)sciurius Wrote: [ -> ]I did not intent to advocate Thomann

I'm sure you didn't, but it seems that Thomann is just about the only place you can buy one from in Europe.
Hmm. Looks like you're right. Strange...
I've just ordered Strich BT-FP2. Will write a quick review once properly tested.
So BT-FP2 arrived few hours ago. I used it during one hour gig short after that and it was without any problem, everything seemed stable, response to pressing down foot pedal was instant. If any one has any question, feel free to ask.
I use the BT-FP2. It is a somewhat robust and heavy duty model. The pedals are quiet and they feel steady and clear during operation.
The possibilities are adequate for my use, that is, scroll left and pageturn right. But you can of course set that to your own preference
There's no problem with the virtual keyboard, after the tweak as described by Mike that is.
I think it's well worth the € 49 I've paid for it.
I forgot to mention that it is BT 3.0 +