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The manual on page 59-60 shows the snippet tool and some others tools on the bottom of the screen. I don't have them on my tablets. Have they been discontinued?
If you load a song or setlist, then tap on the button with three horizontal lines at the bottom of the overlay to bring up the setlist window, you will see the snippet tool at the bottom of it. Is that what you are looking for?
Found it! [4 line icon].
Snippet Tool. That's actually what I had in mind in my posting in

And it's already there again. I really have to go through the manual more carefully.

Cheers to your excellence again, Mike.
I was just thinking if the snipping popup had a check box to open the song editor it would be ideal for creating a song/medley using a multisong pdf source.

After playing with this for a bit, I'm wondering if this function should be more accessible instead of being restricted to the setlist popup. Maybe the function could be added to bottom of the overlay also, giving quick access to work multisong pdf's.
I can add a checkbox to edit the new song after creation, that's easy enough to do. There really isn't much space left in the overlay (especially on 7 inch devices and smaller), so the only way I think it would fit would be to put it under the popup that is shown by tapping the circle at the bottom left. The other option would be to make it accessible from the library screen. You could long press a song and select the snippet option from the overflow menu. The reason I didn't do this originally (I think) is because you can't preview which pages you want, so I figured it made more sense to have the song loaded before generating the snippet. I could also add a way to generate a snippet from the song editor if that made more sense. I'd definitely like to hear feedback on what people think is best.

No, generating the snippet from the (pre)viewed page is the best option IMO. But why don't you put the scissors for the snippet tool next to the square with the feather for the edit screen in the title line of the overlay?
I think next to the feathered square is the best place also. Another option would be the square with mountains, where it 'fits' better, eg, cropping is there.
Note: more room = remove 'return' icon which seem to duplicate the tablet return?

Although it makes sense to have this in the song editor, it also fits in the overlay. I think it would be easier to include the modified snippet tool as we are discussing here, in the overlay. I used the song editor the first time I made a new song and I think it would take too much 'fiddling around' to make it 'fit' there.
The title displayed at the top is automatically scaled based upon the amount of available room. If I put another icon up there, it would drastically reduce the size of the title on smaller devices, so I'd rather not do that. As for removing the back button, a lot of users actually rely on that button and use it a great deal because if the buttons are dimmed or hidden at the bottom of the screen, it can be hard to find the hardware back button.

My only reservation with putting the snippet option under the display options icon is that every other thing in there is related to settings for the display. A snippet is not really a display setting - it's an action used to produce a new song. For that reason, I believe it makes more sense to group it under the circle menu, as my plan is to put things there that don't fit anywhere else on the overlay. It's an overflow menu basically for buttons at the bottom left. I may move a few other things under there as well (such as the find and load song option that's currently in the setlist window). Will that work for you having it there?
Works for me. Thanks for the additional info also.
Design decisions are yours, of course. I understand your point that it doesn't really belong in the display options. A possibility would be next to the icon with the cropping menu though. There's space and it is at least vaguely related.
Would it work ok from settings>touch and pedal settings>touch actions and the circle? I don't use all the touch locations, maybe others are are the same.
BRX - There isn't room on smaller devices. Some display modes have more icons visible than others, so you have to consider the worst case scenario when deciding if there is room. The best solution would be something where I can dynamically determine how many icons can be shown depending upon the screen resolution and density, but that is fairly complex and I don't think provides a large enough benefit at this point considering the amount of work involved.

Skip - I can add a touch action for triggering the snippet creation if that would be useful. What do you mean by circle though? Do you mean the quick action box that normally shows up in the bottom right? The right button in the quick action box is currently configurable, so if you want me to add an option for triggering the snippet command from there, I can certainly do that too.
Ok, understood. The main thing is that I know now that there is the snippet tool anyway. An option for the quick action box would be nice though.
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