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Full Version: Title versus SortTitle
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I have a song with title "1. Dirty Old Town" and sort title "001 Dirty Old Town".

I have the song title format set to %TITLE%.

Yet it displays with the sort title in the songs list.

In fact, all songs do.

Am I overlooking something?
The sort title is a little confusing I think. Right now, the sort title is the title that is used for sorting and display purposes on the library screen. The main song title will show up in the overlay or setlist window when you load the song. The sort title does not override the title only for sorting purposes because this completely breaks a lot of my sorting logic (and the population of the alphabet list). Having something that starts with "A" show up under the "S" category, for example, is problematic with my current architecture. If a different name than "custom sort title" should be used, such as alternative title or something along those lines, I'm open to making a change.
I try to understand...

What we refer to as %TITLE% is, in fact, the sorttitle. Okay. Perhaps this would better be named 'displaytitle' then, the other being 'sorttitle'.

You have no problem to display the formatted title, while sorting on the (sort)title. For example, when I put the composer in front of the title, the library screen shows the entries sorted on song title:

AAA - Song AAA
BBB - Song BBB
AAA - The Song CCC
BBB - Song DDD

(Provided I uncheck 'Use formatted title for sorting')

Isn't this what you mean with "Having something that starts with "A" show up under the "S" category"?

To me it feels like a small step to add 'Use display title for sorting' and 'Use sort title for sorting'.
You do raise a good point. I know a ways back there were problems with the custom sort title being used to sort while displaying something different, but I must have solved those problems when I added the "Use formatted title for sorting" toggle, as it's obviously possible to do what you've shown above. Everything looked fine with the alphabet list when you performed the test listed above, right? If so, I can probably leverage that code with the custom sort title in place of the non-formatted string for sorting purposes.

That would be nice, indeed!
I've made the required changes and it all seems to work. Thanks for questioning me on it Smile As I suspected, I had solved the difficult problems already due to the "Use formatted title for sorting" option, as there were a lot of bugs with that after I introduced it, so I just had to insert a little extra code for the custom sort title.
Looking forward to it....!