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Full Version: faster render time
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Help requested, please!

I have one large .pdf file (235 pages) of an entire piano/vocal score, with annotations, etc. done in MSP. In performance, having loaded the large .pdf, I play non-stop from beginning to end. I've marked each song within as a bookmark, just for rehearsal porpoises. I use a firefly pedal (connected with USB cable) to turn pages.

The problem is that the rendering of the pages (2 page mode), particularly the 2nd page, is slow. Thus, my question is, what's the best solution to achieve faster rendering?

- Will individual, smaller .pdfs render faster, or will having to allow for load time of each .pdf negate any benefit? (Is it even possible to pre-load 24 .pdfs?)

- If I'm able to devide the original large .pdf into smaller, individual .pdfs, is it possible to transfer the annotations used in for that section (song) to the new individual .pdfs?

- If I keep the original large .pdf but split it into smaller .pdfs within MSP (which will still reference the original large file, I believe), would that help increase render time?

Thanks very much for any suggestions!

P.S. Btw, running an Acer Z1-621 22" all-in touchscreen

The size of the PDF actually has very little to do with how fast it is rendered. That is dependent upon how the PDF is constructed. You can often optimize the PDF in programs like Adobe Acrobat so that it will load much faster. The other option would be to go under Settings->Display Settings->Render Preference and change it to "Speed". That will result in faster load times.

Thanks Mike. Sorry to be thickheaded, but once the large file is loaded, it's loaded, right?
Did you mean changing the Render Preference to "Speed" will result in faster RENDER times (not load times)?
Thanks ?
Yes to both questions Smile
hahaha :-)
Thanks Mike, that worked.