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Full Version: Annotation Enhancements?
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Back last year when you were working on the last major update, you talked about plans to revamp the annotation support.  Have you thought any more about how that would work and where it is on the priority list?

I'm asking because for my use, the annotation support is the one weak point of the app.  To be fair, every chart app I've used has had problems with annotations.  It's just that MS Pro has so many great features, it's annoying to struggle with markups during a rehearsal when it could be better/simpler/faster.

FYI, the biggest issue for me is quick access to the stamp tools.  While I'd love a "rehearsal" mode where the tool bar was present and I could still do page turns, etc like in normal mode, I can also see problems with it.  The big issue with the stamps is there are too many in the list and they aren't sized consistently.  I need to have 'b/#' to be at 110% and 'p/mp/mf/...' at 50% to match the existing music, so I'm regularly having to mess with the app instead of playing with the group. 

Another minor annoyance is how the marker tool works.  If I'm highlighting repeats or other notations, I have to make the marker pretty transparent in order to see what's underneath.  This makes the highlight look washed out and harder to see.  Not sure if it's possible, but have you considered some type of XOR mode so using a highlighter wouldn't actually cover up the image underneath?

I will say again that MS Pro is THE BEST music app I've used and I love how you continue to improve it.  Thank you for all the support!

-- Ken
I still have a lot of big plans for annotations. I just haven't started working on it yet because it's going to be a pretty big change and I wanted to finish a few other things first. I'm also still trying to figure out the details for how I'm going to handle a few of the proposed changes (like not requiring a separate screen to create/modify annotations). I'll have to look into what I can do with the highlight annotations. It's a little tricky because I'm not modifying the underlying image - I'm just overlaying the highlight on top of it. In order to do a true merging of the two (as you described), I would need to blend them in the image itself.