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Full Version: how to download updates for MSP?
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When I opened MSP companion on my desktop today, it said there was a new version and did I want to download, so I did.
then, I opened MSP on my tablet and tried to connect to the MSP Companion and it said it could not because it was running an outdated version.

I feel really stupid for not knowing how to update my tablet to the latest version.  I guess I thought if I connected to MSP Companion, it would do it for me.

I even searched the internet and typed "how to download updates" in the search box above.... nothing
I also looked in the manual.

what am I missing????  something obvious, no doubt.

thanks for your help!
Opem the Google Playstore and go to the "My Apps" Screen. It shows the available updates and you can select one or start all.

If you never updated an app on your device there will be plenty of updates.
In case you don't know how/where to get to the 'my apps' screen, it's the 3 horizontal lines at the upper left of the Play home page.
thanks so much for your help! I'm new to all this, never having had a tablet before (or a smart phone, for that matter!)

updating away!