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Full Version: Manual sort of collection
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The sorting button for collection allows to sort alphabetical, manually and by chance.

Shouldn't there be an option to actually sort the collection manually (similar to setlist). I couldn't find that neither there nor in the collection editor.

And this is really only nitpicking on the highest level: If you can only display the (pre-)sorted songs with this button "Sortierung" is a bit more exact German translation than "Sortieren" which suggest a bit more active possibility to sort (and why I expected that I could sort it manually).
If you change the sort to manual for the collection, then edit it, you can specify the order.
yes, but I can't edit it like setlists by dragging.
dragging & dropping works just fine for me. You can also reorder by dragging the songs on the left up and down. Which part isn't working for you? Can you take a screenshot for me?
Duh, I didn't switch to the manual sort in the edit screen the collection. After I did that all was as expected.
Sorry for the bother.
Hello Mike,
BRX is correct:
is a better German wording as
Please correct it when it fits in your plans, not urgent & low priority
Is it possible to allow sorting the Setlists (not only the songs within the setlists)?
My setlist names start with the date in YYYY-MM-DD format. I would really like to have them sorted backwards, so that the latest is shown on top.
Adding the usual sort selection box with an additional entry "Z-A" would be perfect
I believe I have an enhancement request written up for that, but if not, I'll make sure to add one.
In version 1.4.1, I've added a toggle for ascending/descending so you can switch all of the different sort selections as desired. Additionally, I've added sort options for all of the group tabs so you can sort them by A-Z, Date Created, or Date Modified. I'm also tracking date created and date modified for all group types now. I've also added the same sorting options for the bookmarks tab. Lastly, I've added the ability to sort songs inside groups by date created and date modified.

Does date modified include last time read? I have occasionally thought it would be nice to find which songs I haven't looked at for ages. So being able to sort by the last time they were looked at would give this.

No, it does not include time last read. If tracking that would be important to people, I can consider adding it, but each piece of data I add per song starts to add up, so I want to make sure it's important before I throw another field in the database.