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Full Version: Jpg to pdf converter
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Would you please add a '[multiple] image to pdf converter' to compliment the current 'pdf to image converter' to the list of feature requests? I have a friend who has mostly jpgs on MSP. She recently asked me how to get multipage songs to display [scroll/page turn]. I reminded her to 'load all' in the setlist. She had done that before, just forgot until reminded. We thought it would be useful to be able merge some of these jpgs into pdf's 'on the run'. 
It may also work to be able to check mark selections in the setlist for loading for those times when only one song at a time is desired.
Please don't request MSP to be the "swiss army knife" file converter for each and every format. Take a look into the internet, there are many programs available that convert any format to pdf. I can recommend PDFCreator or "PDF Split & Merge" (PDF SAM) on windows.
MSP can combine multiple files of various formats to a song and can pick combinations of pages from big PDFs in a very flexible way.
I'm not really in a good position to support generating PDFs from image files at the moment because the library I'm using produces large and unoptimized PDFs. Until I can integrate a PDF library that creates smaller, faster PDFs, I think you would be better off using a different tool.

OK, thanks. I'll let her know that.