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Full Version: Access files on USB drive
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When I go to import songs, I'll usually have them on a flash drive to get them on my tablet. The browser built into MS doesn't see my USB drive, so I have to take an extra step in my tablet's file manager to copy it somewhere locally before I import my files.

Is it possible to add this functionality?
In order for the Android OS to be communicating with your flash drive, it has to be mounted in some way (at least that's my understanding). I would assume you would have an entry for it under /mnt in the file system. If you browse under there with the MS Pro browser, do you not see a folder for the flash drive? It could also be under /Storage.
I'll have to check when I get home tonight. In my system file browser, if I browse all the way up the folder hierarchy as far as I can, I see Internal Storage and USB. In the MS browser, I do not see this.

I'm not super familiar with how Android works, but I believe they refer to this USB as an OTG connection using a mini or micro usb adapter (can't remember which, but the standard charging connector). Not sure if that is important or not to you. Anyhow, I'll look for a mounting folder tonight.
Looks like you are right. If I go to root/mnt/USB_storage there it is. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I had been looking under root/storage which only showed 0 or legacy.
No problem - glad you found it.