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Full Version: Viewer for XLS files
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I know quite a few people which do their chord diagrams in Excel (and sometimes supply those for a gig).

Those are of course simple files without any functions and the spreadsheet is more or less just used as a text editor and the cells to divide the bars to put in the chords.

Mike, maybe you can make MSP display such spreadsheet files nicely, maybe even with a transpose functionality like for chord pro files? 

This probably isn't as difficult as a viewer for irealpro (which would be still number one on my wishlist).
Even without functions and macros and other magic a spreadsheet (especially Excel) is a complex piece of data that is not easily processed by a relatively small software program.
I have an office app that can display Excel. In the few occasions someone handed me an Excel sheet, hitting the ScreenShot function and importing the screenshot into MSPro is  a piece of cake.
More often I'm handed a printout of the Excel sheet, which is not as easy to import. Need to find the camera button first  Rolleyes

For chord diagrams in MSPro, see the appropriate thread.
I probably misused the term chord diagram. What I meant was a simple sheet with just the chord changes.
Yes, that is exactly what I meant also Smile . A diagram with chord sequences, not diagrams of chords.
Maybe "chord chart" is a better name.