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Full Version: [clarified]Merge setlists
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I would like to have an option that allows adding the list of songs in a setlist to the end of another setlist. The order of the songs should be kept.
Or did I miss something and this can already be done?
Long press a setlist on the setlists tab, then tap the overflow menu at the top right and select "Add Songs to Setlist". You can also select all songs inside a setlist, and use the same approach by tapping the "Add to Setlist" option in the action bar.
That easy. I could have known that. The user actions are really consistent, more or less the same for similar tasks. Good work. Thank you for your explanation.
There's a small typo in the German translation: nouns like "Setliste" are capitalized in German.
I've fixed the message to display "Setliste" with a capital S. Thanks for letting me know.