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Full Version: Automatic split backup file if exceeds 4GB
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I can't create a backup file (including audio) any more because it would exceed 4GB.
Is it possible to create an automatic splitting for backup files over 4BG and an automatic restore option of such backups?
I do not want to remove songs from my library.
Your request makes sense.
As a first workaround: set "Expose Database File" and backup at least mobilesheets.db.
This is currently a limitation I haven't addressed yet. I'm actually not entirely sure how I want to solve it yet either. The problem is that I currently don't track how much data I've written into the file. So either I need to start tracking that and figure out when I've reached the end of the file and set some kind of flag that indicates that it should continue on to the next file, or I have to just watch for when the write to disk fails and then try to recover by rolling over the data into a new file. I think I'm probably going to have to do the former in order for things not to get messy.
(05-27-2016, 07:21 AM)itsme Wrote: [ -> ]Your request makes sense.
As a first workaround: set "Expose Database File" and backup at least mobilesheets.db.
I can't find mobilesheets.db.
Where is this file located?

I can't add any more changes to my songs without deleting songs.
You have to set the checkbox "Expose Database File", then you will find it in the folder set as "MobileSheets Storage Location"
Ok, I found this file, but I don't understand how this could save my data. Huh
The file mobilesheets.db has only about 2.6MG, but the backup-file would exeed 4GB.
That can't contain the same information.

How can I move my MbSh-Database including songs, setlists,  audio files,.. to the tablets of my musicians?
MobileSheets.db is the database. It contains all the metadata: song titles, file paths (only the paths, not the files), metadata edited in Song Editor, setlists, settings and so on.
You have to backup and transfer all the song files separately. The file names and folder names must stay unchanged.
You could also consider to backup your MSP data manually like me. My sheets on my SD card exceed 10 GB, so I chose to not let MSP manage my files and have a dedicated directory on the SD which I backup by copying to my HD.

Additionally I copy the mobilesheets.db to the HD.

The advantage why I choose this method is that I can make quick and simple backups after changes. If I just changed or added metadata it's enought to copy mobilesheets.db. If I added new songs to the SD card, I can easily compare the folders or even sync programs to just copy/backup the new data.

Also it's easier to mirror MSP, sheets and metadata to another device (in my case I have a mirror on my smartphone.

Maybe that's a way for you to go, too.