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Full Version: Exporting files for CSV re-import
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That's strange. I still can reproduce it with the CSV files that I've posted above. 100MoreTunesEveryMusicianShouldKnow_missingSourceTypes.csv imports "LS, Text" from the rightmost column into the "Composers" field as shown in the screenshot.
I even downloaded that file from the thread again, copied it to the tablet and renamed it to match the filename of the PDF.
What am I doing differently? Select only a single song? import from external SD card?
I'm doing the same thing you are, so I don't think that's the issue. Can you go to settings->About and just verify it's 1.5.3? I don't want to doubt you on this, I just don't know what else could explain the difference.
Yes, it's definitely 1.5.3
It's possible I fixed it after the release of v1.5.3, but then committed my changes under source control as version 1.5.3, confusing myself as to when I made them. I think it will be fixed in v1.5.4 then... we will see.

I will check with the next version and let you know. Thank you.
Just noticed another case where the keyword from the song list format is not supported:
The content of a column entitled 'custom groups' is imported correctly into the custom group. If I use %CUSTOM_GROUPS% instead, the column is ignored.
Just added special handling for that as well - thanks.

That was fast. You outperform yourself. Many thanks.
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