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Full Version: Landscape default?
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I've been using MSPro for a long time on a normal Android tablet, and have some 2,000 tunes in the library, all in landscape format. The only problem is trying to read music outdoors in bright sunshine, so I though the solution would be the Android-based Onyx Boox N69ML with its paperwhite-type screen.  Although it is basically an e-book reader, you can install apps on it so I installed MSPro and downloaded my backup library, which all seems to work fine except for one big issue - the Onyx does not automatically re-orientate the screen when placed sideways, and the built-in e-book's landscape function is not available when MS is running.

Is there a way to set the screen orientation to landscape as a default from within MS? I don't want to read books on this machine - I just want to use it for Mobilesheets - so I don't care if the solution is to make the device permanently landscape.


There isn't something in MobileSheetsPro to force the orientation to landscape at the moment. There is an orientation lock that can be used to lock in the current orientation, but nothing that forces the orientation to something different. I can certainly add something like that in the settings for a future update though.

There's a shedload of apps to control rotation.

I use this one - - which allows you to set the rotation for individual apps.
Many thanks to you both. I should have guessed there would be separate apps for this, but I've now installed one, Graeme, and it is fine with MS.

But if it's possible to build the function into the MS settings, Mike, that would be even better than having a separate app going.

Thanks and best wishes,